Designer handbags are conveyers of status

There's a lot more to designer handbags than just carrying things, as women use high-end handbags and other expensive accessories to signal other women not just their higher ranks but to steer clear from their me, claim several researchers.Wednesday Martin's book 'Primates of Park Avenue' has … [Read more...]

The Rise of MCM Handbags

Never mind Hermès and Louis Vuitton: MCM handbags are the "It" bag for 21st-century global nomads everywhere. Hannah Marriott traces a success story from Germany, via South KoreaThe words "designer handbag" conjure up a certain image: a moneyed Parisian sitting in a 6th arrondissement cafe with … [Read more...]

How to buy a designer bag on eBay

How to buy a designer bag on eBay By Penny TraversWant to take the plunge and buy your first designer handbag on eBay? Here's what you need to know first. Buying your first designer handbag on eBay can be mega daunting. What if it's a fake? What if it's not as nice as in the … [Read more...]

Mulberry Handbags is Lowering Prices

You may recognize the British heritage handbag label Mulberry by the celebrities who carry their iconic pieces—Kate Moss, Blake Lively, Olivia Palermo, to name a few. Or, perhaps, by the famous fashion names who have lines of Mulberry bags named after them—Alexa Chung, Lana Del Rey, and Cara … [Read more...]

10 “Must Have” Handbags

A "must have" is a designer handbag that is deemed the "must-have" item of the moment as a result of a combination of celebrity usage, clever marketing techniques, superior quality and their ability to represent the mood of the season. They are generally produced in limited edition … [Read more...]

Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Handbag

 Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano HandbagSoft leather and luxurious golden hardware grace this Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Handbag - another gorgeous design from MICHAEL Michael Kors. Bold chain detailing and a prominent signature lock charm at front perfectly accent this femme … [Read more...]

Miu Miu Matelasse Handbag

The new Miu Miu Matelasse handbag A new Miu Miu handbag is something we'll never tire of. Meet the reworked Frame bag...THE BAG: Miu Miu's new frame bag reworked in matelassé leather for Autumn/Winter 2013THE DETAIL: Blending Miu Miu's love of retro quirks with a progressive handbag … [Read more...]

How to Carry Your Bag Securely

We don't mean to make you irrationally paranoid, but handbag snatching is on the rise, and we don't just mean in busy cities.Be you in the centre of London or strolling down the high street in Bangor, bag thieves really do operate in all kinds of areas.To make it a bit harder for thieves to … [Read more...]

Burberry Handbags Blaze Collection

Burberry Handbags was founded in 1856 by 21-year-old Thomas Burberry, the definitive Brit brand has led style innovation for over 150 years.Now headed up Christopher Bailey, Burberry handbags have become just as iconic as those classic trench coats.SS13 PREVIEW: Burberry Handbags new Blaze … [Read more...]

Three Items Worth Investing In

The link below is a great video outlining three items that are worth spending a little extra to get a quality product. Handbags, shoes and watches will be worth the extra expense. Items Worth Investing In Great watches can be found at theLuxury Swiss Watch Shop … [Read more...]

About Some of My Favorite Designer Handbags

About Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen was born in London on March 17th 1969 as the youngest of six children. He left school at the age of 16 and was immediately offered an apprenticeship in fashion, and continued working at various locations until 1994 when he returned to London and completed … [Read more...]

Designer Handbags Are All The Rage

By: Cathy Z Feldman Without a doubt, designer handbags are all the rage!  Women seem to collect them the way young boys collect comic books. Without a doubt, there is a handbag to suit your many styles and moods, from sophisticated and chic to adventurous and playful. Designer handbags … [Read more...]

About Gucci Handbags and Purses

Gucci was started in 1921 as a leather goods company and small luggage store in Florence, Italy. It didn't take long for the brand name to achieve designer status and worldwide appeal to the rich and famous. In the 1950's Gucci opened stores in New York, London, Paris, Beverly Hills, Milan and Palm … [Read more...]

Finding The Right Purse for You

By: Cathy PetersonWe fail to realize that bags are an important factor to complete a look. The style, type, size and shape of your bag can either complement your outfit or better yet make it look horrible. Buying a purse is just like buying clothes. You have to ensure that it fits your body … [Read more...]

Tips for Buying the Right Handbag

The handbag is either a symbol of nesting or a tool of enslavement. Either way, buying one's a bitch. One of my seasonal rites is shopping for a new handbag. It's a mystery to me why I have to do this. You'd think a bag would outlast a season. But these things get a lot of wear and tear. Pen marks … [Read more...]

What Your Handbag Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person from the clothes they wear, but you can also tell a lot about a person simply from the handbags they carry. It’s hard to believe, but you can find out a number of things about a women’s personality just by looking at the type of handbag she sports. Below you will … [Read more...]